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Massive ps store hack!

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Massive ps store hack!

Post by Pedo on February 21st 2011, 2:25 pm

Hey Guys so ive found a hack, to add purchased games into our Download LIst,
This will mean It will be literally Genuine Games on your account, which you can share with your friends.
Go here in a FTP SERVER
you will find a "cache.dat"
this will have some of your downloads, some wont appear though, im not sure why, maybe you must be online.
so what you do is open it and get your friends "cache.dat" and add the games to yours, to find out what each game is, there is like a webpage u can find in each paragraph, paste that in your web browser and it shows the image. so once you find your game, copy that paragraph from your friends "cache.dat" into yours "save as" (in notepad)
get onto psn (there are still a few ways) and u will see it in your download list!

I have posted mine here:
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