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[UPDATED:]►PS3ita's CFW 3.55 v1.1- Access PSN!___ No PC or DNS Needed!!

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[UPDATED:]►PS3ita's CFW 3.55 v1.1- Access PSN!___ No PC or DNS Needed!!

Post by Admin on March 16th 2011, 12:13 am


1. Unless you have not already done so, download and flash the firmware on your PS3 3:55 ORIGINAL SONY: ►

2. Download the patch to create the CFW PS3ita (patch.diff): ►

3. Now it's time to patch the firmware 3:55 ORIGINAL SONY.
Is easy to apply, download the following program (CFWPatcher_Installer.exe): ►

Install and run it.

Click File on the second button as marked in the image below and select the firmware you downloaded 3:55 ORIGINAL Sony 1 in the guide

Now click the third button on the File and select the folder where you want to save the CFW that will be created

Finally on the fourth button press File, select the patch (patch.diff) and click Execute

4. Wait for the program to finish creating your beautiful custom firmware.

5.Once the CFW verified that all worked out by comparing the hash:

-Download the following program: Md5Checker
- Run the program (you have to extract it from zip), click on the Add button and select the CFW.

Wait a moment, and under "Current MD5" will be a number, and check segnatevelo is identical to this: c82e3d857775c460a804f08b4cb33940 (you do not take into account whether the letters are case-sensitive)
If the number matches means that your PUP is "healthy"!

6.We go to the PS3, plug the USB device and with the standard method of installing the CFW-PS3ita.

6b.If you say that you have already upgraded to the latest software we need to go into RECOVERY MODE

Here is the procedure for access:

- Put the PS3 in standby (red LED)
- Hold down the power button: the system will turn on and turn off at the third beep
- Once off the PS3, hold down the power button again, you will hear 2 beeps and beeps twice
- At this point you will be prompted to connect the controller to the USB port
- Press the PS
- If you present a menu with the following options:

• Restart System: Please restart the PlayStation 3.
• Restore Default Settings: Reset all system settings to default
• Restore File System: Check any system files corrupted or missing.
• Rebuild Database: Rebuilds the OS PLAYSTATION 3.
• Restore PS3 System: reset: erase everything and start again from the factory defaults.
• System Update: Update the PLAYSTATION 3 firmware with a user-supplied

This is highlighted in red is the option for you, put the USB and install the CFW-PS3ita.

Have Fun!

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