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[NEWS] Jailbreak which will work for all future versions!

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[NEWS] Jailbreak which will work for all future versions!

Post by Admin on March 17th 2011, 9:09 pm

<KaKaRoTo> and now i'm working on something new and revolutionizing that will also take some months of work
<KaKaRoTo> (hopefully )
<defyboy-> ps3 related?
<Fandangos> ps3 related ? [2] ?
<Arriba> KaKaRoTo: I know what the exploits are, but I'm working on my own solution..
<Arriba> Something related to the above?
<KaKaRoTo> Arriba, possibly... probably...
<KaKaRoTo> anyways, the theory says that it will jailbreak all future versions, but it needs probably 2 or more months of work to get it to actually be tested..
<KaKaRoTo> then need to test and see if it works
<Scorpion1> KaKaRoTo so you think you can jailbreak 3.60?
<KaKaRoTo> Scorpion1, I know it
<KaKaRoTo> but like I said, I'm not interested in 3.60
<KaKaRoTo> I probably won't release this until 3.7 or something
<KaKaRoTo> until I see an actual reason to jailbreak the new version...
<KaKaRoTo> for now, there's no new feature between 3.55 and 3.60 that would justify it
<Arriba> So basically a way to jailbreak future cfw versions using the exploit math knows but not allowing the public/sony to find out how you did it?
<Arriba> So a tool of somesort?
<KaKaRoTo> oh.. and also, i may not release it.. with all that sony
<KaKaRoTo> first, like I said thousnads of times, there will be no more cfw above 3.55
<George234> anyone like linux ere?
<KaKaRoTo> secondly, math didn't find any exploit, someone else did, math just tweeted it
<George234> coz u may like this
<KaKaRoTo> and no, my hack isn't based on that, there's no fun in using someone else's work
<Mathieulh> KaKaRoTo actually it was me and rms, I found one fixed in 1.10 a few instructions below
<Mathieulh> told rms to look for the exploit
<Mathieulh> and he found the other instead xD
<Mathieulh> which I had missed
<Scorpion1> KaKaRoTo if no more custom firmware what will the jailbreak do then ?
<KaKaRoTo> Scorpion1, you can jailbreak without a cfw...
<Arriba> Without a dongle?
<Scorpion1> or modchip
<KaKaRoTo> yes and yes

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