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[Trick] How To Get A High KillStreak

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[Trick] How To Get A High KillStreak

Post by Admin on March 23rd 2011, 10:22 pm

Note: This is a part of the game, and I knew about this for a while. Many people do not however, so I decided to post this.

You must be playing on a round-based game mode, such as demolition or capture the flag. The easiest game mode would be demolition, as you can spawn rape. I suggest you play with friends as oppose to random people so you have a better sense of communication. Pick high killstreaks which you can get a massive amount of kills with. I.E. Black bird, chopper gunner, gunship or dogs.

1. Play demolition and try to get all 3 of your killstreaks, but do not use them, only a black bird if you are using that.

2. When you get all three kill yourself. DO NOT USE THEM YET EITHER. (Unless it is a blackbird)

3. Repeat the steps until the round is almost over. When you see there is about 30 seconds left, do not kill yourself, but do not die either. This will help you have a higher killstreak, as it continues onwards after the round.

4. On the next round, move to a safe location and call in your killstreaks. Since the round is over, it will count to killstreak. (It does not help you get your chopper gunner, black bird ect. It just help your killstreak [the number of kills you get in a row] go up.)

And that is basically it lol I got a 110 killstreak using this method. Enjoy

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