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New Lunar Lander Glitch (Ballistic Knife) Method!

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New Lunar Lander Glitch (Ballistic Knife) Method!

Post by Admin on March 23rd 2011, 10:34 pm

So, There is this new way to get up the roof area on the lander glitch using a ballistic knife, But i don't know what certain height he was on, He just says to shoot someone with a pack a punched ballistic knife while he is about to hit the death barrier.

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Text Tutorial:

1st Person Must Have(Person doing the glitch):
1.) PhD Flopper
2.) Juggernog
3.) A good gun

2nd Person Must Have:
1.) Upgraded Ballistic Knife


1.) Get the required stuff.
2.) Have the person with the upgraded ballistic knife ride the lander as the other person is doing the glitch.
3.) As you are at the height as shown in the video, have the person with the upgraded ballistic knife shoot you.
4.) As soon as that is done, drop down to the roof.
5.) You are now free to roam once again

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