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Ar88rA's MODPACK!  Empty Ar88rA's MODPACK!

Post by Admin on March 28th 2011, 11:22 pm

Here I have my Modpack for download that contains all of the following mods:

More Ores v0.6a
Builders v0.53c
Mo'Creatures v2.8.1
Humans+ v1.7
MineColony v0.41b
MoreCreepsAndWeirdos v1.7
TooManyItems (in game inventory editor)
VerticalWood v2

Also, this includes several texture packs, both HD and NonHD, and the patcher for HD textures.

This mod pack also includes Modloader, AudioMod, and several other mods required for these to work. I was too lazy and did not include tutorials so don't complain. Just look up the mod on google to see what other mods it needs installed

Download link:
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