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Kmeaw CFW that Allows Dual Boot of CFW and OFW Coming Soon

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Kmeaw CFW that Allows Dual Boot of CFW and OFW Coming Soon

Post by Admin on March 31st 2011, 2:40 pm

It seems graf_chokolo isn't the only one thinking about releasing dual boot custom firmware. Kmeaw, known for his popular custom firmwares and lv2 patcher, is planning his very own dual boot CFW. His idea is to have a custom firmware that allows you to switch between official and hacked/modded CFW. Many users have been waiting for something like this, but time will tell how it shapes up.

Originally Posted by Dukio Via
We haven’t heard from kmeaw for quite some time, so i managed to get a hold of him and it seems he might bring us another interesting release that should comes in the form of CFW. No, it’s not 3.60 CFW, if you still don’t get it.

I was thinking of a CFW that has bootOS integrated so it gets executed
when you power on your PS3 (and switches back to GameOS on user’s
request via menu or ssh). It’s not hard to make it. But recently I
read graf’s announcment that he is going to accomplish the same task.
So I don’t know, if such CFW from me would get any demand.

Also I got bootos-installer and lv2patcher patches from an anonymous
hacker who have added 3.15/3.41 support. I’m going to merge them into
my code and release the next version.

If you have any ideas about what would you like to have, please tell

There you go. If you got any ideas (other than 3.60 CFW!) you would like to forward to kmeaw, you can just leave it here. I will pick the good ones for kmeaw to look into.

In the meantime, you might want to check out graf_chokolo’s tools for dual boot PS3 Linux on ps3crunch's hosted git provided that you are not aware of those new updates and did not want to wait for the actual noob-proof CFW release from graf himself.

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