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[Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

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[Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

Post by Admin on April 3rd 2011, 7:43 pm

Anyways seeing as all these threads are kind of confusing I decided to make an easy to follow tut. These things are not that hard once you figure them out so just stick with me and I'll guide the way.

-PS3 3.55/lower
-Rebug 3.55.1
-.PKG Game

1. Download the Rebug software. (Due to many complaints I ask you got to the Rebug website instead of using the hotlinks. They really need the views to keep their website up. Here is the site. Just look around on the front page.)

3. Move Rebug to a flash drive under PS3→UPDATE→PS3UPDAT.PUP.

4. You can update over any CFW like geohot or Kmeaw.

5. Go to Settings→System Update→Update via Storage Media.

6. Once it's installed you will notice a variety of changes but wait your not ready yet.

7. Go to Game→★Package Manager→★Install Package Files→PS3™ Hard Disk.

8. There should be two files; BDEMU and Rebug_Selector_1.2.

9. Run ★RebugSelector.

10. Do L1+ and R1+. Then do R2+ for menu 1.

10½. If you want hit SELECT for a PKG folder on your internal HDD.

11. Reboot your system and then make a new user .

12. After creating a new go to Setting on the XMB. Look for ★Debug Settings.

13. In ★Debug Settings find NP Environment. By default it will say Sp-Int. Change it to Prod-Qa.

14. You are now connected to dev PSN. Go to Playstation Network and do Quick Sign Up. Not Sign Up. Quick Sign Up.

15. Leave the Country, DOB, ETC as they are just hit continue.

16. Sign In and then go to Account Management→Transaction Management→Add Funds. Use the Credit Card option. Don't go overboard and add like $1,000,000. Only add $5.

17. This is where your .PKG game comes in. If you don't have one look here. Choose a Demo/Full game.

18. Install the unactivated file through Install Package File.

19. Launch it and before it starts it will say you need PSN activation. Accept and it will redirect you to PSN store. Buy whatever game you used and the license will be renewed.

20. The game you just activated you will be able to play.

21. For a different way to get some games go to the PSN Store. You will get an error (80023107). That's normal just exit out and continue.

22. Keep hitting the ads on the home area until you get a game. It will redirect you to somewhere else and you might be able to get the game. It doesn't get you a game every time.

You're done. You have succesfully managed to run Rebug firmware.

NOTE: DLC such as Map Packs don't work because they don't ask for activation. If a new method to get DLC comes up please quote or PM and I will ad it in.


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Re: [Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

Post by Saucy-_- on April 16th 2011, 10:57 pm

216 Veiws and no post? That's messed up!!!


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Re: [Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

Post by SushiHD on April 17th 2011, 12:32 pm

I know right Sad people are so unappreciative haha theres one with like 400+ views too

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Re: [Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

Post by dodgeydave86 on April 28th 2011, 12:10 am

is there any way of getting map packs you already paid for (cod world at war pack 2 and 3) i ave cfw so no access to psstore any help would be great thanks


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Re: [Full Tutorial]►Setting up Rebug for PS3

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