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[TUT]Free Games from PSN Store on ReBug CFW

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[TUT]Free Games from PSN Store on ReBug CFW

Post by Admin on April 10th 2011, 12:13 pm

1. Make sure that your PS3 in Rebug mode & XMB in Debug mode.
(from Rebug Selector L1+O=Rebug Mode R1+O= Debuge Mode)
2. Create a new User
3. Choose "Quick Sign up"*.
4. Choose the country you want & hit OK**.
5. Now you have two choices to "Add funds"
A. Go to "Account Management" --> "Transaction Management" --> "Add Funds".
B. From PSN Store: go to "Check out" & "Add Funds"

*: Use NP Environment "SP-INT" & "PROD-QA" to get online
**: UK not working on "PROD-QA"

1. Have a Full PKG like PSone or PSN Game.
2. Make Sure that the PKG Region is compatible with Account region.
3. Install the PKG & Boot it from XMB.
4. You'll get a message that the game needs renew License.
5. Press X to proceed to PSN STORE.
6. Purchase the Full PKG from PSN Store.

There're different sites provide PSN PKG links, for example :


You can Get links by your self by using :
1. Ps3 Proxy Server (Easy & Supper Direct)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Revised Tutorial
#1: Download an unactivated PSN Game or Demo with the Purchase Option, I've used Sonic 4 Episode 1 DEMO for this tutorial.

#2 Install the .pkg you've downloaded from PSN or you've gotten from your PC.

#3 Open a File Manager such as Multiman or Comgenie's Awesome File Manager and browse to the Directory of your game, A.K.A Game ID. For Sonic 4 Episode 1 DEMO it is NPUB30127

For Those who don't know where to browse it's:

X's = Your Game ID

If you can't find your Game ID just click on all the directories till you find it. There should be a ICON0.PNG you can click in the directory to see what game/demo it is.

#4 Now once you're in the Game Directory you've chosen grab a USB Storage Device or MemoryStick and pop it into your PS3, Now if you're using Multiman scroll over to the 2nd Menu and browse to your USB Storage Device or MemoryStick

For Those who don't know where to browse it's:
Look for USB000-USB006 or MMS and then click X to goto into the device.

Now go back to the 1st Menu and copy the PARAM.SFO from /XXXXxxxxx/PARAM.SFO to your USB Storage Device or MemoryStick using O

Ok now once you've copied it to your Device of choice goto your PC and plug it in and copy the PARAM.SFO to your Desktop

#5: Download THIS TOOL
to edit the PARAM.SFO once you have download it extract the file via WinRAR or WinZIP and then open the .EXE, Once you have done that you should see a bunch of button, drag the PARAM.SFO to the one that says SFO EDITOR

#6 You should now see your PARAM.SFO details Click on Advanced Parameter and then click on the box that has Content ID For Game Purchase near it.

What we are going to be doing is changing this text to say something else so we can buy something different from the PSN Store, as far as I know only PSX & PSN Games will work. DLC Will not.

Ok now to change the Content ID

For Sonic 4 Episode 1 DEMO it's:

What I'm changing it too is: [It's the Code for Metal Gear Solid]

UP9000 Representing PSX/ISO Code/US Region for PSX

NPUJ00594_00 Representing the Game ID from PSN

0000000000000001 Representing something used for PSX's? I've noticed all PSOne games end in 0000001

Regardless of those other things you need to change this:

Where the X's are put the Game/Content ID, For the US It's the same Game/Content ID that was released for the PSX for Metal Gear Solid it's SLUS-00594 so what you do is just take the ending 00594 and add that where the X's are.

So it becomes:

For a list of Game ID's from the US visit:

Keep in mind for Multi-Disc Games such as Final Fantasy it's the first Game ID of Disc 1.

After you have your Game ID ready to go back to the PARAM.SFO and erase the text in the Content ID For Game Purchase box and replace it with yours.

#7 Copy your edited PARAM.SFO back to your USB Storage Device or MemoryStick and then transfer it back to your Game Directory you took it from in the beginning.

For EX: I will transfer/overwrite mine in the directory of dev_hdd0/game/NPUB30127/

#8 Exit Multiman or your File Manager of choice once you've copied the PARAM.SFO back and goto the Game/Demo and start it, we need to start it so the PARAM.SFO gets updated.

Once it has loaded exit the Game/Demo and press Triangle on it when your on the XMB goto and select Purchase you should be greeted with your PSX Game you've chosen instead of Sonic 4 Episode 1!

Congratulations you've finished the tutorial.

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