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[RebuG*] [Play on Normal PSN servers] Socom 4] [sp-int]

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[RebuG*] [Play on Normal PSN servers] Socom 4] [sp-int]

Post by SupBro! on April 19th 2011, 9:26 pm

If you change your debug np environment to 'sp-int' and then you load up Socom 4: Put your DNS settings:
Primary: PC's IP

Login to Socom 4: Multiplayer:
You connect play on the NORMAL PSN SERVERS:
ALL the people you meet you can not add' it comes bacK as:
"The playstation network ID you entered is incorrect" ect...

You CANT play ANY of the CUSTOM GAME modes it says
"You do not have access to this" (some sort of error like this)

**You also CANT play the 'Abandoned' game mode'

Ill see if theres a way to play these game modes and report back soon..

*If you havent downloaded Socom 4: yet, this game (full) is a whopping 22+GB!
There is a repacked 8.9GB version but people are reporting back errors. I am using the 22 GB version and it works perfect.

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