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Trinity Universe 100% <<Platinum Save's>> <<TESTED>>(All Trophy`s)

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Trinity Universe 100% <<Platinum Save's>> <<TESTED>>(All Trophy`s) Empty Trinity Universe 100% <<Platinum Save's>> <<TESTED>>(All Trophy`s)

Post by SupBro! on July 29th 2011, 11:48 am

First you must know that this is not an INSTANT platinum , you must do some things to get the Trophys ,
but It does get you all of them .

The saves are mine from playing the game , i tested them on another account and i can
confirm that they work perfectly!

This is For thouse who want an EASY and Very Fast Platinum and for thouse who are stuck
with some Trophy or just want the harder ones without effort.
(if its so just search for the trophy you need and follow the step for that particular trophy)

To load the save's you have to copy them via FTP or any filemanager like multiman etc
Copy and overwhrite the files in the folder (2 files) of your save (carefull , not to copy on System Gamesave)
Works for Bouth EU and US games . When you try to save the first time it will get corrupted but you can create
a new file with no problem (tested)

Use this Save for the folowing!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Here is the Guide

Load the game and select Dungeon>Yoma King Castle>L13 : DDK Castle
(the reason why it must be this one is that its one of the last dungeons that still holds IM- the blue line ...)
Fight and Win a battle (easy Task with The SuperOverPowered party i made lol)
This will triger the following trophys(in the order that i list them);
The Strongest Harem
Be the Meteor Shower
Be the Shooting Star
Be the Comet
Be the Space Debris
Power of Creation
Power of the Cosmos
Power of the Sun
Power of the Earth
Seek Obliteration
Seeker of Annihilation
Seeker of More Victory
Seeker of Victory
Hero of the Universe
Deep Space Hero
Galaxy Hero
Planetary Hero
Everybody's Hero

Now Use the Search funccion and go for the Blue line first .(IM Managraphic)
On the way you will almost sure battle again and after that second fight Another trophy will triger ;
Galaxy Miser

Take the IM and Now follow the Yellow Line (Treasure) that
ends just behind the Boss wich you can "Tsubaki" 1 Shot Kill .
Ram the Treasure and use the SavePoint nearby to Exit the Dungeon wich will
net you another set of Trophys ;
Game Maniac
Space Activists <--The Harder or most Time consuming trophy...
The Space Scrubber
The Space Cleaner
Museum Curator
Treasure Hunter
Closet Otaku
Art Appreciation

On the Universe Menu now select Shop>Managraphics>Image Create
Here create any Image and pay Miyu 3.000.000 or more .
This will Triger another set of Trophys ;
Managraphic Addict
The Debtor
The Bourgeois

Back on the shop menu , Shop>Item Shop>"Any Shop">Synthesis
Here create any Item (1 is enough) and you will get ;
Material Star

Again on the shop menu , Shop>Monster Coliseum>Monster Create
Same as before Create any Monster (1 is enough) for ;
Monster Star

And the last thing on shop menu , Shop>Meteorites WorkShop>Meteorites
Again the same , create any Meteorite and you get ;
Meteorite Star

Ok now exit to the Universe menu and go to Anchor>Space Academy
Here remove the Anchor and exit to Main Menu again to choose Dungeon>Space Academy>Shoe Box(easiest /fastest part)

Once Inside the Dungeon your objective is to Destroy The Gravity Core and Drift with the dungeon .
To do so, use Search and go for the white line or go for the Save point/Boss , it’s the same.
Kill the boss and destroy the Gravity Core and just wait for the time to run out to drift away with the dungeon !
This will popup the trophy ;
Space Tourists

For the Last step and Trophy we need this other Save that i happend to have saved by luck lol.
It Seems that after you make a "Clear" savefile u cant beat the final boss (it wont respawn again for me at least.
again on that save unless you start the game again)

Use this Save for the folowing! One click file hosting: Trinity Universe BLUS30535-L003-Final Boss.rar
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

After loading you will be on the last Dungeon's SavePoint.
Here you will have to enter the room/square (whatever you call that) nearby and kill the True End Final Boss ,after wich the credits will roll and in the end the last trophy ;
What is truth, dood?

And with that VOILA!! ;
The Platinum Prinny

100% 37/37 @150hours to @1hour

All the above can be easily done in @1 hour and i believe that even people that havent played the game can do it with this guide !

I have to State that if you manage to DIE with the Characters i made , you can go throw yourself from a 4rth floor

Hope you like and find this usefull . As for the guide sry if its not too acurate or something , its my first one and also , i dont usualy type to much Razz (as u can see on my post count). Sry for my english if i fail somewere , im spanish hehe. The Credits for the IMAGES that i used go to as they are not mine .

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Trinity Universe 100% <<Platinum Save's>> <<TESTED>>(All Trophy`s) Empty Re: Trinity Universe 100% <<Platinum Save's>> <<TESTED>>(All Trophy`s)

Post by Yondaime83 on July 31st 2013, 9:50 am

possibile fix this link? ^^ very tnx


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