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Platinum trophy experiment(hdd0/home/00001/trophy/savefold/param.pfd)

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Platinum trophy experiment(hdd0/home/00001/trophy/savefold/param.pfd)

Post by Dheed on August 9th 2011, 6:02 am

I was surfing the web when I found a program that allowed you to unlock all the trophies of a game, but not synchronize them with the psn, then looking inside hdd0/home/0000001/trophy I found the file param.pfd and I had a doubt, is that when syncing the ps3 check out this file and maybe even some games(dead space)?.
Because apparently getyourplatinum only lets you see the trophies unlocked but not officially acquired. there someone that can give me the param.pfd,troprns.dat and tropusr.dat files of dead space or bioshock or killzone 2 / 3 or ff13(the game must be platinum)?
Thanks in advance


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