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Downgrade 3.7x with teensy++ (soldering required)

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Downgrade 3.7x with teensy++ (soldering required)

Post by SupBro! on August 11th 2011, 3:58 pm

Thanks ps3devwiki and jarmster for those also for other model motherboards check here

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and heres one for JSD 100 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I haven't actually downgraded with this method but it should work(im ordering a teensy soon).
ME Coding i currently have 3 ps3 i will be ordering a refurbished fat from game stop to try because it allows downgrading

Tutriol and confirmed by moderator of ps3hax his quote on the subject:

Pockets69:i would like to tell that this does work, firstly because eussNL said so, and probably has one installed on his machine, and secondly because defyboy has one installed in his machine
now if doesn't work one of two things have happened bad wiring, or hashes were not disabled on the .pup with this being said, it works. by ps3prodigy ngu member

PS3 Prodigy;3617951]Just a few things i know that you might want to add to your TUT. When you open your Flash.bin (Dump) in hex editor the Core_OS you need to replace starts at 6F FF E0 in the offset C0000 and when re flashing make sure you only swapped the Core_OS and not the EID,METLDR,BOOTLOADER,VTRM because if you do your Ps3 will be permanently ****ED and you can't just use any 3.55 Core_OS you need to patch the hash checks before you use it.

PS3 Prodigy;3620267]Phantom i not trying to troll or flame because your right every NOR flash is unique to it's conslole but Coding added my quote where I stated you only swap the Core_OS and you don't swap the EID,METLDR,BOOTLOADER,VTRM which is the only thing that makes the flash unique to your console so his TUT is correct

1. Dump your ps3's NOR

2. Make sure you have a clean NOR dump.

3. Open your NOR dump in hex editor

4. search for 6F FF E0 in the offset C0000 and delete the next 7,340,000 bytes( this will delete the whole Core_OS)

5. Take a lower firmware Core_OS and patch the hash checks.

6. Copy the new patched Core_OS into your NOR dump

7. Flash it back to your console.

DOWNLOAD 3.55 Patched Core OS bin
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