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Ultimate Patch Folder with tools & tutorials

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Ultimate Patch Folder with tools & tutorials Empty Ultimate Patch Folder with tools & tutorials

Post by Meow on September 3rd 2011, 9:00 pm

COD4 Patches
-Cheez Patch
-CL and 11th Prestige
-COD4 James
-COD4 + Chrome - I2evolution
-Gun Game
-Host Only Patch
-MrRa1n's Patch
-Nuke Bullets
-Pro Mod
-R1ch4rds Awesome Patch
-Recklesskiller CL
-Recklesskiller Jumper Patch
-Sean170693's Challenge Lobby
-Team Tier v1.5
-Team Tier v2.0
-Team Tier v2.0 Edits

COD5 WaW Patches
-Der Riese Patch
-Karoolus CL
-Karoolus Old CL
-Monster Patch
-Monster v2 Patch
-Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt Patch
-Shi No Numa Patch
-Verify and Derank

MW2 Patches

MW2 1.11 Patches
-Alien vs Predator
-All, Kid, Con Patch
-Apathy Patch
-Bgalex Patch
-Bot Warfare aka Mw2 Combat Training
-CodJumper Patch
-Cops and Robbers
-Dark Modz Automatic Lobby
-Deadly Tree v4 [White]
-DT BlackRain
-DT Blackstorm (Mossy v8private edit) UPDATE 2
-Patch for legit Players (Force Host)
-Devilz v4.3
-Dudeitsbrian's sick patch v2
-Ediyops Patch
-Elite Mossy Patches
-Alien vs Predator
-Hide and Seek
-Intervention Only Patch
-Private Patch v1
-Private Patch v1 Updated
-Private Patch v2
-Roll the Dice
-Zombie 2
-Elite Mossy User Edits
-Casper HD Mossy v9.6 Edit
-Chrome Playa Ultimate EliteMossy v9 Edit
-ManiaaCL Mossy v8 Edit
-Mossy v9.9 Edit by Bobby
-Enzo v2
-Flyable Sky Base
-Force Host Only Patch
-Garage Mod
-Gee's Darkness Patch v2
-Ghost Busters
-Havoc Undead v7
-Hide and Seek
-Infections Only Patch
-ITheFallenI v2.6.9
-Jarniboi's V7
-K Brizzle's Final Tree Patch
-KamikazeOnCrack v1
-MecAj DT v8.20 Edit (Stable Menu)
-Mw2 11th Prestige
-With Tutorial
-One in the Chamber v2
-PcFreak's 10th Prestige Lobby
-Roll the Dice [Hardcore]
-TeamModderz v2.0
-Terminator v1
-Terrorist Patch
-The Unkn0wn 2.8.5
-TTG VisioNz Patch
-TuhoajaFIN Final Edit of Unkn0wns Patch
-Westboundfoot Patch
-x_DaftVader_x Patch
-Hawkin's Zombieland v3.6.1
-Juggernaut Zombies
-Nemesis Mod
-Quarantine Zombies v4
-xd366's Zombieland
-Zombie F*ckers v1 Beta
-Zombie Massacre GIZMO Edit
-Zombieland v2.2
-With Menu

MW2 1.12 Patches
Blackstorms Patch
Chrome's CFG Patch
deadlyducklings Patch
mvieyra's Patch
PodigyModz v.2
RazerFuZZioNzZ Patch(Unlock All)
seb5594 CFG Patch V1.1
The Fallen's CFG Patch Beta

Mw2 Prestige Hack
-BLES00683 Prestige 1-10 Files
-BLUS30337 Prestige 1-10 Files
-How to Prestige Hack on Mw2 Tutorial
-My Easy Video Tutorial

PS3 .pkgs
-Comgenie's Awesome File Manager
-Gaia Manager v2.04
-PS3 FTP Server
-Joke Funny PARAMS
-PARAMS to Trick Sony
-PS3 FTP .pkg
-How to Prevent Sony Seeing You On FTP
-PSNinja v4

-Anon Proxy Server
-Awesome Update Finder
-BucN's PS3 FastFile Editor
-BuC-ShoTz's MW2 Patch Converter
-CoD Tool v4.1
-Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker
-Elite Mossy's Xbox to PS3 Converter
-EliteMossy's GSC Optimizer v2
-Fail0verflow's Tools
-Firmware Library v1.0
-Geohot's CFW
-Geohot's Tools
-HV Reversing Tools
-HxD Hex Editor
-LV1 LV2 Patching Tools
-Mw2 Code Beautifier
-Mw2 Code Finder
-Mw2 Region Patch Converter
-Mw2 Sensitivity Editor
-How to Use Mw2 Sensitivity Editor
-Mw2 Sensitivity Editor
-Patch Editor
-PS3 Game Updater 1.41
-PS3 HDD Studio
-PS3 Keys
-PS3 Save Unlocker
-PS3FOXX GUI for Generating PS3 PKG
-SFO Editor
-The Unkn0wn's BMP2CODE v2.5.1.0
-3.56 PS3 Keys
-PS3 Root Key

Written Tutorials
-How to Appear Offline on PSN
-Easy Way to Clear History
-Prevent Sony From Logging You
-Disable Sony From Seeing What Your Doing
-Easy Way to Clear History
-How to Prevent Sony Seeing You on FTP
-CFW Tutorial
-How to Change the Name of What Your Doing
-How to Create a Mw2 Challenge Lobby
-How to Downgrade From 3.55
-How to Get Geohot's Tools Working
-How to Make a Cod 4 Hacked Lobby
-How to Make Hacked WaW MP Lobbies
-How to Make Hacked Zombie Lobbies
-How to Prestige Hack on Mw2
-How to Put a Comment Up to 64 Letters
-How to Put Text Under PSN
-How to Use CoD Tool v2.0
-How to Setup Anon Proxy Server

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BLES00686: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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