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RAGDOLL Kungfu Fists of Plastics Instant 100% CFW Mod

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RAGDOLL Kungfu Fists of Plastics Instant 100% CFW Mod

Post by Admin on August 21st 2012, 12:40 pm

That Gold on all challenges was a bitch and I just gave up and hacked the damn thing.

All you have to do is delete any game save and Play all the 4 Multiplayer types matches locally.
Start a New game. ->Multiplayer. Set the round to 30 Sec and goal 1.
Connect both your controllers locally and hit start. 2 mins and 4 multiplayer levels later .
ping .. ping .ping... you get the drift..

Copy this file [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to

<NPUB/NPEAXXXXX>/USRDIR/Ragdoll/Data/Unlockables and overwrite the existing file.

Now you can 100% this two ways. Activate the game on CFW and play unlock, upgrade and sync. Or data transfer the game to OFW and activate it from PSN and play, unlock, sync. (Don't accept the game update 1.01, not sure if it will break this or not. But why risk it).

Enjoy your shiny new 100%.

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