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[TUT]Downgrading From 3.55 To Old Firmwares

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[TUT]Downgrading From 3.55 To Old Firmwares

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 4:19 pm

Guide To Downgrading On PS3 Fw 3.55
This is a guide on how to downgrade on Playstation 3 Firmware 3.55. Warning! Do not try with a slim! Only Some Slim PS3'S confirmed working, see below for model numbers which are the same as yours!
PS3 Models Tested on:
CECH-2001A - 120GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.00
CECH-2003B - 120GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.00
CECH-2004A - 120GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.00
CECH-2102A - 120GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.21
CECH-2103B - 160GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.21
CECH-2104A - 160GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.21
CECH-2501A - 160GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.41 *
CECH-2502A - 160GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.41 *
CECH 2503B - 320Gb SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.41 *
CECH 2504A - 160GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.41 *
CECH 2504B - 320GB SLIM - FIRMWARE 3.42 *

To begin with download the following files

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

1.) Have a blank USB Flash drive plugged in to the computer
2.) Make sure it has been FAT32 formatted
3.) Once done, download the files above and extract them
4.) Place the modified PUP and the File 1 (lv2.diag) on the root of the USB
5.) Once done move on to step 2!

1.) Make sure you have a device which Puts your PS3 into factory/service mode, devices e.g. Ipod, TI-84, Or anything else from this LINK
2.) Make sure the PS3 is shut down fully e.g. Back switch off
3.) Plug in your downgrading/PSGrade device
4.) Switch on PS3 and quickly Press Power/Eject
5.) Now the PS3 will boot up in Service mode, Once booted into service mode correctly, remove your device!
6.) You should have a red box behind the XMB saying "Factory/Service Mode"
7.) Move on to Step 3!

1.) Once in Service mode, hold down PS button on controller and proceed to turn off PS3.
2.) Plug in your USB flash drive in the second USB slot and turn on PS3
3.) Your screen would be blank, while PS3 is downgrading!
4.) Then the PS3 should turn off by itself.
5.) Remove USB and turn on PS3
6.) The PS3 will still be in service mode
7.) Check to see the firmware by going to System settings/System information/Firmware will be displayed there. It should say 3.41 BUT the PS3 will think it's on Firmware 3.56
8.) Now you can downgrade even further to any Firmware you want!
9.) It is recommended to downgrade to 3.15 and then Update to 3.41 to originally jailbreak your PS3.
10.) To Downgrade even further, all you have to do is replace the .PUP file in your USB with another one!
Choose Firmware Here!
11.) Move onto Step 4!

To get out of factory/service mode, do the following:
1.) Go back to your Computer/laptop and plug in USB
2.) Now replace lv2.diag with the "FILE 2"
3.) Make sure the PS3 is turned off, with the red light on
4.) Place The USB into the 2nd USB port and turn on PS3
5.) Then within seconds your PS3 should turn off by itself!
6.) Turn on PS3 again and BOOM! Your on your firmware you chose to downgrade to!
7.) Move onto step 5 if your PS3 runs into an error!

If your PS3 for some reason has an error/faulty, then please follow this!
Different types of Faults!
If you chose to downgrade to an earlier firmware e.g. 1.50
While it was downgrading the PS3 would of kept blinking and wont turn off when it is supposed to. If you pulled out the cable or turned off the PS3 via the back switch, then turned on your PS3,then you should notice that once PS3 is turned on, it will turn off by itself. To fix this issue, follow these steps!
1.) Replace your update.pup file with 3.15!
2.) Then back to the PS3 and plug it in and turn on PS3 and it should Re-Downgrade itself and switch off by itself. Then it should boot up in service mode and it all should be fine! After follow the previous steps on how to get out of service mode!

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