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How to use ANY ps3 hdd in your ps3 without formatting

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How to use ANY ps3 hdd in your ps3 without formatting

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 4:23 pm

ok i am gonna show you how to make ANY ps3 harddrive work in your ps3 without formatting it so you dont loose info on it. this is great for someone who got a new ps3 and wants to use their old hdd in it. ok so first THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON CFW I HAVE TESTED IT ON 3.55 KMEAW.

What you will need.
a ps3 running cfw
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and two ps3 hdds
Multiman or some other program like it.
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1.So first you will need to install cfw if you dont already have it.

2.Next you will need to install xRegistry editor on your computer.

3.Then install the multiman on your ps3.

4.With multiman browse to /dev_flash2/etc and copy the xRegistry.sys file to a flash drive and place it on your computer. open the xRegistry editor and open the file you saved on your flashdrive.

6.Now on the editor your gonna look for the part that says (/setting/system/hddSerial) and highlight it.
On your right you will see the box that says value this is what we are changing.
(i am gonna refer to whats in the value box as hdd serial) this (serial) is what tells the console you have the right hdd in it. the code is made up as this the first letters and numbers is the model number on the hdd and after the spaces the next one is the serial number writting on the hdd as well.
For easier it is (hdd model number hdd serial)

Here is mine for people to see i edited values for reasons but.... i tried spaces didnt work just put 43 spaces after the model
(ST48822AS........................................ ...5PK4HD6T)
{hdd model ........................................... hdd serial}

OK TO MAKE IT EASIER take the model number on your hdd and put it on the value line then add 43 spaces then put the serial number in the value and ur done it should look like something above just no periods make them spaces.

8.Now all you have to do is copy whats in the quotes in red above so you have the proper spacing and change my values to whats on the hdd you want. (well i tried to just use spaces it didnt work so its 43 spaces the txt. i used periods for you and the periods keeps adding a space sorry i tried.)

9.Now after you create your new (hdd serial) put it in the value box and save.

10.Copy the saved xRegistry.sys file where it was to begin with and your done!

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Re: How to use ANY ps3 hdd in your ps3 without formatting

Post by Chumboa12 on September 4th 2011, 8:25 pm



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