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[Update] On PS3MFW tool

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[Update] On PS3MFW tool

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 4:36 pm

Project PS3MFW has been underway for 10 days now. If you did not know there are PS3 developers who are working on a MFW tool.

There are several contributors, some of whom are well-known within the PS3 homebrew community but wish to remain anonymous. However, we were told that KaKaRoTo is playing an important role in the project.

The purpose of Project PS3MFW is the development of a customizable tool that creates modified firmware for Playstation 3 with many great features not available in current solutions. It provides a framework where each firmware modification task is an independent plugin with access to an API that facilitates the modification process. One important feature is that the project will be entirely open source, as opposed to every other MFW released to date.

The tool will be called “PS3MFW Builder”, and it will work in conjunction with several other utilities.

Today tho there was a small set back, the well known KaKaRoTo has decided to LEAVE THE TEAM [LINK]. Not because he is afraid of lawsuits(he doesn't live in America) but because of other projects. Now they are still working on it, we just do not know who the dev's are. This is a good thing because we don't want to have another Geohot issue.

The picture below shows off somethings that are going to be in the MFW.

As you can see there are a lot of options that aren't in the MFW's that we have now.


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