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Black Ops 100% Platinum CFW

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Black Ops 100% Platinum CFW

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 6:01 pm

Heres my Black Ops Platinum save. See what you can get For PS3. Confirmed working. Requires FTP

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Just play any of the veteran trophy missions example the first one and you'll get the veteran one without having to do the other missions. Zombies and intel you'll have to do on your own with a new save or a backed up one of your own

For the Light Foot and Intel Trophies

Light Foot
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Just run!

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The last intel data is under the desk.

This is much simpiler than the Veteran Mission Game Save.

FTP Server (Preferably Black Box and FileZilla)
Just 5 mintues of your time.
Install a Patch if you have not already, doesn't have to be the most recent (1.06)
Start your FTP Server and navigate to the folder just like before (above Tutorial), and create a backup if you did not already do so.
Do NOT DELETE any of the files!!!
Copy ALL files from the Downloaded Packages to the B********-AUTO- folder.
Close the FTP Server and Run Black Ops
Go to Campaign and Resume
If Corrupted Data pops up, just press Circle.
Now do what ever you need to do, run or collect.
Run the FTP Server again and Replace your files.
Now we need something for Zombie Trophies
This works for the US Version as well!!!

If you get a Black Screen or White Screen at the End of a Mission:

A FTP Server
And Some Time
Open up FileZilla, or whatever Program you are using for the FTP Server.
In the PS3, navigate to-/dev_hdd0/home/********/savedata/*********-AUTO-
Copy the Files to where ever you please, this will be your BackUp.
Now take the Files in the Downloaded Package and copy/overwrite them into the folder you extracted the previous files from.
Now go back to your backup Files and Copy ICON0.png and PARAM.SFO back in there. (These files contain coding that links to your account so when you load it-it will not say "This is another user's...etc.")
Go to your XMB (PS3 Dashboard) and go to 'Game Data Utility' and Delete the Black Ops Data (This is the Patch)
I'm not going to explain how to use Patch Blocker- (Look it up your self) -Run the Patch Blocker
Run Black Ops
Play the Following Missions to Get all the trophies linked with beating the game on Veteran Difficulty. *Play on Regular since some missions Freeze on Recruit and the Following Missions. Operation 40 - Cold Warrior & BLACK OP MASTER
SOG - Down and Dirty
Numbers - It's your funeral
Crash Site - Not Today
Redemption - Burn Notice
Now you should have All the Veteran Trophies Except Light foot.
Now go back to the XMB and Delete the Black Ops data and Replace you Old Data via USB or FTP Server

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Re: Black Ops 100% Platinum CFW

Post by evil_cowboy420 on March 15th 2011, 10:37 pm

I wanted to note that I get error (80029207) Data Corrupt. But it still works by hitting the 0. Just every time I saw the error I would hit the 0 and all was well. Figured I'd share my experience with this. Thanks again for this.

Also I tested it 5 ti mes but you cannot get the trophy for Redemption without it white screening. Not sure why.

As a side note man you play with some insane sensitivity. Jesus if I fart on the controller I will look one way. lol


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