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[TUT] How to get HOST everytime in Black ops

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[TUT] How to get HOST everytime in Black ops Empty [TUT] How to get HOST everytime in Black ops

Post by Pedo on February 21st 2011, 2:37 pm

Works with both; With people on your party or alone.

1. In your pc, go to [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
NOTE:You will need a Youtube account for this
2. Go to "upload" and start uploading any video on your computer.
I recommend a "BIG" video.
3. In your PS3, find any match you want to play (Any gametype), it should get you or your party alone in a lobby.
4. Vote for a map
5. Go back to your computer and cancel the upload.
6. Wait for people to join your lobby.
7. After the "Migrating hosts.." if you still see the votes on the maps the same (not reset) congratulations! You are the host!!
NOTE: If after "Migrating hosts..." the votes get reset all you have to do is backout and do all the process again.

If you want a video TUT just reply requesting it, although I think is very understandable and easy to do.

NOTE: This works on WIRELESS connections only


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