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Saucy's Trophy shop!

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Saucy's Trophy shop! Empty Saucy's Trophy shop!

Post by Saucy-_- on April 16th 2011, 10:46 pm

My Intro

Hello my name is Jacob but everyone call's me Saucy.

I live in tennessee now but im really from Michigan the Pure state!!!

I love to go hang out with my friends and play games Beside's UP...

Ive been playing the Ps3 for 4 year's now and still going strong!

I started out on Call Of Duty!!!(WOOT WOOT)

Well let's get to my Trophy Shop!

Im a very fast a agressive Gamer and and love FPS but dont offer much in that area!

But i offer a few games that i enjoy to play like UFC even thoug i dont have the plat i just play 1v1 with my brother and Friends!

The Games i offer for the public are the following!

( With my little note's!)

Disany Pixar's Up - $25

(I hate this game because ive played it to much but that's why the price it the way it is!)

Cod W@W - $40

(I offer this game as a Plat to 100% or i can get you other trophies like the Add-Ons, Just ask e ill try to give a fair price on the trophies you need!)

Shrek forever after - $35

(Im renting this game from gamefly and i dont think it will be here much longer unless i buy it from them!)

Cod MW2 - $15

(It's $15 because there is a save hack for it but i can also do it legit for $30)

Cod Classic - $20

(This game is $20 because of how long the game take's and i use save hack's for it but ill make this look really legit with an extra day or 2!)

Uncharted 1 - $35

(I hate this game's Hardest difficulty!)

UFC Undisputed 2010 *** Exclusive $125-175

(This game depend on how long it takes me and if if i can find someone to boost with me the online!

It also has 2 glitched trophies!)

I Take Payment in the following!

Paypal Only for Now

Well thank you for visting my shop!!!


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Saucy's Trophy shop! Empty Re: Saucy's Trophy shop!

Post by SupBro! on April 17th 2011, 11:39 pm

nice shop man i hope you get some business (as you can see not many people post here Saucy's Trophy shop! 714110 ) its a shame they just join, then download, then never return Saucy's Trophy shop! 365619 lol

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