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*TUT* sync trophies in 3.60 with savedata hack from 3.55 CFW

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*TUT* sync trophies in 3.60 with savedata hack from 3.55 CFW

Post by SupBro! on April 19th 2011, 9:32 pm

more than a tutorial, is how I sync my trophies with a hack on a CFW savedata and then send the savedata to 3.60 OFW

for the copy protected savedatas OK?

but we need 2 PS3, and maybe 3 hard drives, why? 3?

because maybe, one we use it for all our legal stuff etc etc dlc psn games. one is in our CFW, and another to make this process alone without losing anything. because in doing so, the PS3 will ask for formatting.

then I did

in my kmeaw 3.55. I did all the proceedings relating to the ftp method, with the game killzone 2, we know the savedata is protected.

when we get all the proceedings of ftp, save your game, then the savedata is yours now. (killzone 2 dont let you save i think but other games allow you to save)

for this both PS3 MUST have the same PSN account.

then we have the savedata (hack) on our PS3 CFW 3.55, but now we need to get the trophies and then sync ..... right?

Here comes the boring part.

the ps3 with 3.60 OFW change the hdd for a new one.

this hdd must have the same OFW (3.60), update or whatever you need to do. and put your psn account.

now we have a PS3 CFW 3.55 and a PS3 OFW 3.60 with a clean HDD

back in the CFW install 3.60 version spoofer.

now we have CFW 3.60 (spoof) and a OFW 3.60

you are ready to go now.

follow the tut from sony

PS3™ | Data Transfer Utility

the spoof CFW is the option 1 and the OFW 3.60 with a clean HDD is the option 2

transfer 1, receive 2. you know that ok?

ok when everything is done, you will have a PS3 with OFW 3.60 and the save data hack.

to save time yo can upload many save hack to a CFW and then do this process,

Please dont flame me i´m just trying to help.

this what i did and it works for several games including killzone 2, 3 marvel vs capcom, and the save hack works fine

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