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Ps3 XMB Theme Emulator

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Ps3 XMB Theme Emulator

Post by Meow on September 5th 2011, 11:51 am

PsDev, creator of Ps3Wizard, has released an application that will emulate how your XMB will look on your computer, before making a theme. This application will let you view your XMB and it's icons, backgrounds and colors. This application is meant to help you preview your XMB when making the theme! It will read BMP files and will arrange them so they look just like your XMB. (Based off psp xmb emulator)

You will find XMB Two Folder. XMB Two stores files That will make the xmb icons and wallpapper
Make some icons with a white background, and or whatever background matches the wallpapper with dimension 64X64 and in the BMP format
Make some wallpaper images in the BMP format and with dimension 640x480
Rename icons to:
1bmp - Settings Icon
2bmp - Photo Icon
3bmp - Music Icon
4bmp- Video Icon
5bmp- Game Icon
6bmp- Network Icon
7bmp- friends
Backgroundbmp - Wallpaper Image
4-Place your icons and wallpapper in XMB Two folder
5- Run the emulatorEXE.
6- If you satifed with your XMB....go and compile to pt3

File in the "main Files" folder should not be deleted and or editied unless you know what your doing
The XMB Two folders should not be deleted or program wont run

Originally Posted by PsDev
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