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The Adventures Of TinTin (SAVE-SET)

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 The Adventures Of TinTin (SAVE-SET) Empty The Adventures Of TinTin (SAVE-SET)

Post by Admin on August 21st 2012, 12:37 pm

ok so i figured id share my very own save set with you guys as it seems everyday we get more and more excellent saves and i know no 1 has put this up before anyway all saves are in 1 folder and most have tuts inside the files,

all tintin story related trophies including collectables
all tintin n haddok mode trophies including collectables
all challenges apart from all gold on plane challenges as i started the set after, sorry, but there is a save for all plat

there is a couple of misc trophies missing but are easy to get, if anyone makes any more saves tell me and ill add them up here

for the level related trophies you have to finish the level,

anyway enjoy people here is the link:
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already tested and can confirm myself that they all work

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 The Adventures Of TinTin (SAVE-SET) Empty Re: The Adventures Of TinTin (SAVE-SET)

Post by platgamer on October 4th 2012, 5:40 pm

i have done something similar with another game using a flash drive, do i load the each image onto the ps3 and play the game or?


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