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[NO BRICKS!]►PS3 Hacking for Dummies [Noobs Come HERE]

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[NO BRICKS!]►PS3 Hacking for Dummies [Noobs Come HERE]

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 4:46 pm

Welcome to the Dummies Guide to PS3 Hacking!

Now if you have found yourself here, you probally already have gone through a ton of information and are no closer to understanding how to hack your PS3!

This is the exact reason I made this Thread and guide, as the PS3 scene is so new that if you dont keep up on it everyday you'll have no clue whats going on!

Now I know right now there's going to be people that say you didn't include this or you didn't include that... well F#$% you!

I'm including what I think is safe for your PS3 and will get you running "backups" and homebrew in no time, with little or no chance of hurting your console.

I will keep this thread updated with the newest info and links as I follow the scene very closely.

I also want to say Ive made this guide as safe as possible and there have been zero report of bricks (aka you just F#$%ed your PS3) with this method, but as when comes to messing with the PS3 there is a very very slight chance you can do harm to your console.

Now of course I do not condone piracy. This guide is for educational purposes only and no files are hosted in this guide.

OK now that we got that out of the way, let get you started! All you have to do is click the "Get Started" link on the Right hand side. So WTF you waiting for! Get to it!

Getting Started:

Now lets start off by telling you what you'll need to have to safely as possible hack your ps3. At the time I'm writing this you'll need a PS3 with 3.55 firmware or lower.

It doesn't matter if its a fat or slim or the model..... thats the best thing about doing it this way (what I call the safe way).

You will also need a USB thumb drive or external drive. Both have to be formatted to fat32 for the PS3 to read them.

Also download and install Winrar - click here! Its a lot like Winzip but better and most file on the Internet use this file extension.

OK first to keep things organized I want you to create a folder on your desktop called PS3 Hack.

Then inside that folder create two other folders - Custom Firmware, Official Firmware.

That wasn't hard was it? OK now your going to download 3.55 PS3 firmware-
click here! Save that file in your "Official Firmware" folder.

Now if you have installed WinRar, right click on the file and click extract here. Then delete the PS3_355_FW_UPDATE.RAR.

Next your going to download Kmeaws Custom Firmware - click here!
Save the file in your "Kmeaw Custom Firmware" folder.

Do the same thing as before and right click on the file and click extract here. Also as before delete the PS3_355_KMEAW_CFW.RAR.

OK you now have all the files you'll need to hack your PS3! The next part is not as hard as you think and well worth it in the end! Click the Install Custom Firmware link in the Right menu!

Install Custom Firmware

The first thing you'll need to do is get your USB drive or External drive and plug it into your computer.

Which every one you have, format it to fat32. If you need any information on this subject please do a search on Google, Im not about to teach you how to use your computer!

Now that you have formated the drive you need to make a few folders. First make a folder named PS3 (please name folder exactly as listed).
Then inside that folder make another folder called UPDATE.

If your already on firmware 3.55 skip to the next step.

OK first were going to take the file (just the file) from your Offical Firmware folder and place it in the UPDATE folder you just made on your drive.

Next make sure your PS3 is off and you plug your drive into your PS3.

Now your going to put your PS3 in recovery mode.
To do this your going to hold down the PS3 power button until it turns on then off.

Next you going to hold the power button down again till you hear one beep followed by two quick beeps, let go of power button.

If your having any problems with this you can Youtube PS3 Recovery Mode, there's lots of video on how to do.

YouTube - Playstation 3 Recovery Mode Tutorial (Fix your PS3's Errors and Corrupted System Files Today!)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The PS3 will now ask you to plug in a controller with its USB cable (do that). Now choose update from the menu. Your PS3 will ask you to hit select and start and it will search for the update file (once again make sure your drive connected to your PS3!). It will go through and install 3.55 and reboot itself.

On to the next part! Remove your drive from your PS3 and reconnect to your computer. Delete the file in the UPDATE folder and replace it with the file (just the dam file!) from your Kmeaw Custom Firmware folder. Now plug your drive in again to your PS3 and install the file from recovery mode the exact same way we just did in the step before.

Now the PS3 will reboot itself just like the last time.

Thats it you did it! You have become less of a noob in the last 15mins, and are ready to install backup managers to play your games and ftp server for your PS3.

Also having a good file splitter is good as well (but we'll get into that in the next chapter!).

The next step is Installing Homebrew!

Installing Homebrew:

Well that didn't hurt now did it? Ok now to get to installing homebrew!

First thing to do is delete all the folders and files off your USB or External drive. Now homebrew will be in a .pkg format and goes on the root of your drive.

Root mean you make no folder it just goes straight onto your drive.

Now of course your going to want to play your "legally backed up games". There three back up managers that are very popular. They are Gaia, Multiman and Rogero.

Which one you install is up to you as they are all basically the same, just each developer put there own touch on the program. Now go download one at any of the following links!

Gaia Manager click here!

At the time of me writing this 2.05 is the newest version so download that!

Out of the 3 files you only need UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMES.pkg. Put that file on root of your drive.

Rogero Manager click here!

Choose the stealth.pkg for Kmeaw Custom Firmware.

Multiman Manager click here!

Choose the (FW 3.4+) BASE package. It will be a rar file. The only 2 files you need are and the multiMAN ver 1.14.00 BASE [20110125_160000].pkg and the options_default.ini.

Put those on the root of your drive. You can then update from Multiman menu itself by pushing R3 when in its menu.

Now sometime you'll want to ftp to PS3 so you'll need BlackBox PS3 Server. Go here and download the stealth version for Kmeaw Custom Firmware! Also put that on your drive.

Now plug your drive into your PS3 and turn on if not already. Go to the Game tab in the PS3 menu and go down to Install Packages Files folder and select it.

You will see a list of the .pkg files you just put on your drive.

Select which ever one and follow the instruction given to install the program.

After it install you will have a icon under your Game tab. Example if you install Gaia you will now have a Gaia Manager icon under your Games tab.

Do the same for any other homebrew you downloaded and it all show up under Game tab.

Well that it! If you want to learn how to use these programs just read the threads given in the links above there pretty easy.

As mention this guide is not to show you how to play games, but get you up and running so you can along with other homebrew.

I will say that since as of right now PS3 can only read fat32 so you will need a file splitter, because if a game has one file that over 4 gigs (the game could be 20 gigs as long as it doesn't have a file 4 gigs or over) it wont fit on your external drive.

All the file splitter does is find the file splits in a format that all backup manager can read.

Then you use your back up manager of choice and transfer it to the internal drive of your PS3 and it joins the split file back, so you now can play your game.

Get PS3 file splitter here!

Id like to thank all the Developers that work so hard to bring us all this great shit! Without them we'd all still be playing emulators on our hacked Wii's!

Hope this guide has helped you as I know how hard it is to get into as scene when there so much information out there and a lot of it old!


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Re: [NO BRICKS!]►PS3 Hacking for Dummies [Noobs Come HERE]

Post by llx_SiiNSatioNz_xll on April 29th 2012, 10:47 pm

Awesome guide...^^b

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Re: [NO BRICKS!]►PS3 Hacking for Dummies [Noobs Come HERE]

Post by PatelYash1997 on January 31st 2013, 6:05 am

Can It Work For My PS3 320GB Slim My Datacode Is 2B megusta


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Re: [NO BRICKS!]►PS3 Hacking for Dummies [Noobs Come HERE]

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