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Mirror's Edge Plat Save

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Mirror's Edge Plat Save

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 5:15 pm

This is my plat save for mirrors edge, there's a lot of files in it ( around 30 I think ) so good look with the hack. Using the FTP method might work for this one

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I can load your Save and play with it. But i can not save again because i get an error message.

I see your records on speed run and time trial.

i played chapter 1 (training) and unlocked only the "play the prologue" trophy.
i played the first speed run and defeated 1 enemy with a melee attack and earned the trophy for defeating 20 enemies with melee attacks.

i completed the speed run (not in time) and got no trophy.
perhaps you get all the Trophies for the 30 Bags when getting only 1. I dont know.

loading up 1 time trial end exiting it does not help getting any trophy. perhaps some1 has to do 1 time run in time and 1 speed run. im to bad for this

i have all trophies myself. only missing the timerun and speedrun trophies


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