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Iron Man 2 trophy hack

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Iron Man 2 trophy hack  Empty Iron Man 2 trophy hack

Post by Admin on February 10th 2011, 5:49 pm

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Same method as the gt5 hack, load game continue the last game.
some trophies will pop, for the weapon kill trophies just use each weapon once. i got 28% from 5 minutes of playing.

Gonna Need Some More Bad Guys (Bronze) Defeat more than 1,000 enemies. Classi...c Mark I (Bronze) Unlock the Classic Mark I Iron Man armor. Mark VI (Bronze) Unlock the Mark VI Iron Man armor.
Access Denied (Bronze) Prevent Roxxon from stealing the Stark Archives. Power... Outage (Bronze) Defeat the Crimson Dynamo. Not In My House (Bronze) Prevent the first wave of Roxxon dropships from deploying their drones. Ultimatum (Bronze) Complete every mission on Easy difficulty. Fists Of Iron (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies in close combat. Storm Of Lead (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's minigun. Subtle Like A Rocket (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with the rocket launcher. Room Broom (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's shotgun. Pushback (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's repulsor. Hall Of Armors (Gold) Unlock all armor suits.
you need cfw and a ftp server.

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