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How to Get Any Free App on the iPhone/iPod

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How to Get Any Free App on the iPhone/iPod

Post by Admin on February 7th 2011, 8:55 pm

Please Note: To do this, You must be Jailbroken. Thanks.

Okay, so you've seen all of these cool apps in the app sotre that you really want but cost too much. Well now there is a way that you can get any app completely free.

Usually if you have a Jailbroken iPod/iPhone you can get apps for free via Installous, but you now have to pay for Installous which is a bumer, but have no fear, as xDom is hear. Read this Guide very carefully and you will have any payed apps in no time!

Step 1:
So first of what you want to do is have a Jailbroken iTouch/iPhone, if it isn't it wont work. There are plently of threads in these forums that teach you how to Jailbreak, so go and check them out.

Step 2:
Go into Cydia and then once it has finally loaded up click on 'Manage' down the bottom, then click on 'Sources'. Click 'Edit on the top right, then click 'Add' on the Top Left.

Step 3:
Now Enter the following source:


Make sure you enter that correctly.

Step 4:
Reload Cydia and then Click on Search. Search for 'Installous' and make sure you click on the one that says ;from' below it.

Step 5:
Install it. If you don't know how to install Cydia applications by now, you're a complete arse.

Step 6:
Open us Installous and you can roam around to have a look at what you want to download completely free. As for myself I've downloaded
all of the Tap Tap Revenges for free and Bejewled and Angry Birds ;P, but you can get what you want!

Step 7:

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Re: How to Get Any Free App on the iPhone/iPod

Post by donthatefoo on February 10th 2011, 9:17 pm

installous FTW!


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